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Externally Funded Service Providers

External (private and NDIS-funded) therapies

In some cases, it is appropriate for therapy services to be delivered in the school setting where therapy is clearly linked to enhancing the attainment of positive educational experiences and outcomes.

A request for therapy needs to be made in writing from the family (see parent request form below) and followed up by a request from the provider. Private and NDIS-funded therapy will only be considered where there is a direct link with the student's individual Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) goals and their NDIS plan. Each request is considered on an individual basis and the School Executive Team, in consultation with class staff, give careful consideration to the impact of the therapy on all students in the class, so that the needs of each student, their peers, and the operation of the school is taken into account.

Therapy services are reviewed each semester to ensure that services continue to align with the educational needs of each student and with the operational requirements of the school.

Guidelines and Forms

Fernhill School Guidelines for Provision of Therapy Services  - this document outlines the procedures and guidelines for the provision of therapy at Fernhill School by outside organisations.

Department Information for Externally Funded Service Providers - includes requirements and responsibilities for external providers of services to students.

Fernhill School Therapist Request for External Service Provision 

Fernhill School Parent Request for External Therapy Provision